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5 Hp Single Phase Poultry Feed Machine Ultra

5 Hp Single Phase Poultry Feed Machine Ultra

Model Number / ID: IP1000

Product Detail

₹65000₹60000  /  Unit
  • Availability In Stock
  • Condition New
  • Brand ibgmart
  • Motor 5 HP
  • Capacity 1 TON
  • Voltage 220 V.
  • Power Single
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Product Description

5 Hp Single Phase Poultry Feed Machine Ultra

FunctionFeed Making
Voltage220V, Single Phase AC
Consumption3.5 Unit

Introducing the 5 Hp Single Phase Poultry Feed Machine, the perfect solution for all your poultry feed needs. With a powerful motor of 5 horsepower, this machine has the capacity to produce up to 1000 kg of feed per hour.

This machine is designed to make your poultry feed processing faster, more efficient, and hassle-free. With its sturdy build, it can handle various grains, including corn, wheat, barley, and soybeans, and can also crush and mix them evenly for a well-balanced diet for your poultry.

This poultry feed machine is easy to operate and maintain, making it perfect for small and medium-scale poultry farmers. It's designed to minimize wastage and ensure consistent quality of feed, which translates to healthier and more productive poultry.

So, whether you're raising broilers, layers, or other types of poultry, the 5 Hp Single Phase Poultry Feed Machine is the ideal choice for your feed processing needs. Get yours today and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free, efficient, and high-quality feed production.

Features And Technology

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